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Jun 03 2013

Publication Update

I have been told by History Press that Swansea Murders will be published on 25 June 2013. I shall keep you updated, but the publicity machine is starting to spring into action. Very soon it will be interviews and book signings….

May 07 2013

Writing update

The new edition of Welsh Country Magazine (May 2013) contains my latest piece of work for them – the story of the submarine Thetis, wrecked off Anglesey in 1939 with huge loss of life on sea trials. It was recovered, refitted and renamed. As The Thundbolt it was on duty in the Mediterranean when it was sunk with all hands by Italian depth charges in March 1943.

I have also received the proofs of my next book – Swansea Murders. It contains the stories of 25 deaths in Swansea between 1730 and 1946. I am pleased with how it has turned out. It will be published by The History Press in June. Contact me for further details.

Nov 30 2012

Swansea Murder!

Submitted the text and the pictures for my next book to the publishers,  The History Press. It will be published in 2013. It is a catalogue of anger and derangement that starts in 1730 with the murder of the County Fiddler Morgan Matthews and ends with unsolved murder of Ernest Melville in 1949. The book will be fully illustrated and features excellent original art work from Charlotte Wood, Ditta Szalkai, Gill Figg and Angela Warne-Payne. Looking forward to seeing the final production!

If you would like any additional information about the book or the artists then please get in touch.

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