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Dec 30 2012

Sweaty Feet

I have found this helpful hint in the notebooks of a policeman from 1859 – PC 207 Lewis Jones from Gorseinon. Perhaps it works, perhaps it doesn’t, though probably if you use enough of it you will stop worry about whether they are sweaty or not.

One ounce of salts desolved in a pint of boyling water, then add the quantity of gin for to make it pleasant to drink, then drink a wine glass full when required.

Let me know if it works

Apr 09 2012

A new blog has been added!

I thought it was about time. I have added a new piece to the Blog. I have been busy researching for my next book – Murder and Crime in Swansea – and I keep coming across interesting and unusual stories so I thought that it was abou ttime that I started to collect them together. Eventually this new title will have its own website where such material will be stored, but until then I shall place them here. The first one – Go Home. You know you want to –  is about nineteenth century Wind Street….

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