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Dec 11 2013

Chicago News 1907 – Little Swansea Child’s Fate

Under the headline “Little Swansea Child’s Fate” the Cambrian carried the story of Elsie Lang who was 19 months old. The family had left Swansea for Chicago where her father Claude was hoping to find work as  a joiner.  She was playing outside the front door of her house on 26 June 1907 when she was knocked over by a runaway horse  pulling a  dray. The wheels of the dray went over the poor child’s neck.. When she was picked up from the ground, she was dead. Two drivers were arrested.

Dec 11 2013

Independent Publishers Group

I have heard today that my next book “Welsh History, Strange but True” will be marketed in America. Quite a surprise I have to say. The publicity and the promotion will be in the extremely capable hands of Trafalgar Square Publishing, who seem to be based in Chicago. How exciting!  I am looking forward to working with them. Naturally I am hot to trot. Have now decided to write something about Chicago.

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