Our Lady of Mumbles

Our Lady of Mumbles is a new Rumsey Bucke novel, the second in the series.

It is the autumn of 1880, and Swansea is in the grip of a suicide cult. Only true believers will be saved in the imminent Apocalypse, once they have surrendered all they have to Our Lady of Mumbles and pledged their loyalty to the Spear of Jehovah.
      Suddenly all normal values are distorted. Neither the old nor the young are safe. Young women are missing and bodies are found. There are symbols and portents everywhere, belief in reincarnation is common, angels are seen, and rats are swarm through the graveyard. Evil prospers,
Are these really the Last Days?
       At this time, when happiness is denied and love is punished, Inspector Rumsey Bucke uncovers murder, suicide and dark family secrets. His own relationship with Constance is questioned by a reporter determined to ruin Bucke’s career and happiness.
No one is safe.
     Two resourceful women give Bucke the support and strength he needs to uncover a web of abuse and murder. But it is a dangerous time to be a woman, and as time runs out, he realises that those who he cares most about are in mortal danger. Can he save them before the Church of Our Lady of Mumbles eats itself?

Published by Cambria Books. Paperback. 350 pages rrp £17.99.

Please note: The book is the second in the series of novels but can be read as a stand – alone piece. The first novel is In Knives We Trust.

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