Our Lady of Mumbles


Our Lady of Mumbles is a new Rumsey Bucke novel, the second in the series.

Inspector Rumsey Bucke must investigate a suicide cult, its followers assured that they alone will be saved in the Apocalypse, once they surrender all they have to Our Lady of Mumbles and follow the Spear of Jehovah. They might lose the world but will gain paradise.  However, the beautiful estate of a local landowner, an earthly paradise, has already been corrupted by death.
     The police are the enemy, who will deliver the poor to Satan. Suddenly all normal values are distorted. Neither the old nor the young are safe. An old man is drowned in a tub; the mangled body of an unknown young woman is found in the canal. Events in the town are soon running out of control.  There are symbols and portents everywhere, belief in reincarnation is common, angels are seen, and all the time crime prospers.
       In such a world, happiness is denied and love is punished, Bucke soon uncovers murder, suicide and dark family secrets. His own relationship with Constance is questioned and he is under pressure from a devious reporter pursuing him for immorality, determined to ruin Bucke’s career for his own advancement. No one is safe. Now that evil flourishes, the rats abound, swarming through the graveyard. Are these really the Last Days?
     Bucke finds support and strength from two resourceful women who help him uncover a web of abuse and murder. But it is a dangerous time to be a woman, and as time runs out he realises that those who he cares most about are in mortal danger. Can he save them before the Church of Our Lady of Mumbles eats itself?

The book is the second in the series of novels but can be read as a stand – alone piece. You don’t have to have read In Knives We Trust first!

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The novel has over 110,000 words and is divided into 30 chapters.