Remoan with Pride! EU Key Rings for Sale.

I have been given, quite by chance, a limited number of 50 pence coins, issued in 1973 to celebrate our accession to the European Union. The design shows nine linked hands circling the coin, a symbol of what was intended to be a shared future together.
It was the very first commemorative coin minted following decimalisation.

Obviously it is the old-style 50p piece so it is large and substantial. They are all in excellent condition – well they have been in a jar for over 35 years

The coins were demonetised in 1998 which might be the reason some of you have never seen one. But it seemed fitting to me that I should turn them into keyrings – a reminder of saner times, of a commitment and a vision so wilfully destroyed.
The keyrings are made of good quality stainless steel.

You can carry a piece of that wonderful EU vision with you for £5 (which includes  postage in the UK) If you just want a coin rather than a keyring, then scroll to the bottom of the page. They are £4 to include p&p.

Discounts are available for multiple purchases

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Three key rings £13.00

Four key rings £16.00   

How did these coins come into my possession? My sister in law put all these commemorative coins in a jar when they appeared in her change during the seventies as a means of saving. When she moved house the jar was misplaced and then forgotten about. And then in early September, whilst busy looking for something else, the jar re-appeared – nineteen years after they ceased to be legal tender. There are about 20 coins, which just goes to show that it was not the best savings scheme in the world ever, but for the jar to emerge at this poignant time was a sign to me that the coins should do what they were always intended to do – celebrate what we loved and then so carelessly threw away.

The perfect Christmas Present for your favourite Remoaners!

100% successful delivery with coins sent and received within 24 hours to destinations including Gosport, Basingstoke, Llansamlet, Tycoch, Hafod and Penclawwd.

Please note: If you would like a coin as illustrated , rather than presented as a keyring, then click below

£4.00 to include postage and packing