Our Lady of Mumbles – Now available

Our Lady of Mumbles. A Rumsey Bucke novel
by Geoff Brookes

My second novel in the Rumsey Bucke series – Our Lady of Mumbles is now available to purchase as a PDF file. If you click on this link you will be taken to a page which will tell you all about it! The file is available for £8.00 and it will be emailed straight to your email address.

I have decided to make the novel available in this way because at the moment I am making no progress in finding a publisher. The first novel in the series In Knives We Trust I published myself but I can’t afford at the moment to do it again and it may be that I never will. It is an expensive business and my earnings are nowhere near enough to off-set the expenditure. I can’t format it for an e reader myself because there are a number of different formats.
I know that quite a few readers are keen to know what happens to the characters next! And I don’t want the novel – or the characters – to live forever only in a computer file, perhaps one day to be lost or accidentally deleted.
So I was left with a simple choice. A PDF – or nothing. Of course, once I have sold a copy I can’t control whether or not it is shared with others. I can’t do that with a printed version either, but a computer file seems different somehow.
You should be able to read it on a computer or a tablet. On a phone? I don’t know. Whether a PDF is flexible enough for a convenient reading experience I don’t know either. Perhaps every time you close the file it will go back to the beginning, which would be inconvenient – if there is a facility to bookmark your place I don’t know it. But this is the best I can do at the moment.

In Our Lady of Mumbles, you will meet some familiar characters – and some new ones too. It is full of death, drama deception and disorder in real identifiable locations in Swansea in the winter of 1880.
It does link to the first novel, In Knives We Trust – but it is a stand-alone piece. You don’t necessarily need to have read the first one.
I have enjoyed writing it and I am pleased with the overall result. If the PDF doesn’t work for you then obviously I will refund you the money but I know of no other way at the moment of letting people read the novel.
You will find it for sale on the How To Buy page which you can find in the menu at the top of the page.

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