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This has been a busy year. In April two books were released by Amberley Publications – 50 Gems of South-West Wales and 50 Gems of Mid-Wales. Then in October two more were published. Swansea in 50 Buildings is another title from Amberley and In Knives We Trust, my first novel was published by Matador. All four books have their own pages which you can find in the menu at the top of the page and where you can discover more about them. You can order copies from me for immediate dispatch.  I will sign books or dedicate them, as you wish.

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In Knives We Trust

Swansea in 50 Buildings

50 Gems of Mid Wales

50 Gems of South West Wales

Stories in Welsh Stone – The secrets beneath 15 Welsh Graves  

Welsh History Strange but True 

Swansea in the Fifties   

A-Z of Swansea   

You can order a copy of any of these titles directly from me on the How to Buy Page using Paypal. We have a 100% success rate on all deliveries, home and overseas.

A brief moment of relaxation in the packing department
A brief moment of relaxation in the packing department

There is a News section and The Blog  is where I reflect occasionally on my researches into the past and where I include odd or unusual stories.

There is a section called Shorter Tales, where there are complete stories which are generally too short for publication, based usually on interesting gravestones. Here you can find the stories of Hedd Wyn and Robert Everett, which have always proved to be popular pages.

If you want some entertaining information about graves and The Resurrectionists then click here. You will be taken to a page where you can also read a fine short story by the American writer Ambrose Bierce. The page will open in a new window.

There is also a page about my work on Dyspraxia.

You can contact me at any time . I am always pleased to hear from you.

If I have got anything wrong or you have additional information concerning any of the stories I have written about then please get in touch. It is important that we preserve these parts of our past before it is too late.

Click here to find a list of the graves I have written about in Welsh Country Magazine.

Ben Evans

If you have arrived here looking for key rings made from  the 1973 50 pence pieces issued to celebrate the UKs accession to the European Economic Community then look at the menu to the right and select Remoan with Pride or click on this link and the page will open in a new window

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  1. Hello Geoff

    Your book has interested us greatly regarding Henry Tremble and the murder of Judge John Johnes. I believe Henry left a suicide note – is this available for public viewing? If not do you know the wording of the note?

    Many thanks

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